Collections of my Sims screenshots - hope you like them :@)

Of course the magic to heal one’s heart and body is… WOOHOO! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

And what an experience it is to do it inside the fairy house… xp

Nope, I’m not going to give any silly corny story for the woohoo pictures… xp Contrary to popular belief, writing adult scene is very difficult and time (also effort) consuming.

The kissing/making out animation is a bit off because of the Sims’ height difference - Haruka the fairy is a teen, while Lancelot the knight is a young adult.

For my game, though, there’s a glitch with woohoo in fairy house… The Sims don’t come out by themselves once it’s over… And I could see my fairy boy in his normal form standing in the middle of the fairy house… But it doesn’t mean that he’s already out of the fairy house… He’s still inside there, somehow stuck but regains his normal form. Of course when I click the ground outside the fairy house and choose option go here, then he will some kind of reset and come out of the fairy house.

Well, I guess I won’t be missing the glitchy fairy house woohoo much after I uninstall Supernatural… ^^;

With puffy face and body from being stung all over by the merciless bees, and deflated pride as a supposedly-brave-mighty knight (who pathetically got overpowered by bees! ^^;), Lancelot suddenly remembered a rumor brought in by his black dragon earlier that day; saying that a powerful fortune teller - capable of changing one’s fate - has just arrived in town.

Without further ado, Lancelot set out to the town square where a bright tacky caravan was parked, looking completely out of place… And right into the beckoning of dubious, heavily-scented room he went; hoping that the fortune teller could change his bad luck into good one…

Feeling worried for Lancelot who just went off without having his bee stings treated, Haruka decided to follow the man to the town square. He saw Lancelot unsuspectingly got into the money-grubbing fortune teller’s caravan, but didn’t make it in time to prevent him. And since the caravan’s door is locked with a powerful spell created from bottomless greed which he can’t break, Haruka didn’t have other choice but waiting for Lancelot outside.

Haruka: *mumbles in deep concern and worry* “That idiot…!”

A few hours passed, and after what it felt like eternity, finally Lancelot stepped out of the caravan; looking even more depressed than before.

Haruka: *softly asks* “What’s wrong…? Are you OK?”

Lancelot: *weeping* “The fortune teller said that I’d have bad luck for 99 years! She said not to worry; as long as I have generous heart and give enough offerings, she would plead to the gods to change my luck… However, I didn’t have much money with me, so I couldn’t finish the ritual… And she said that now I’m definitely doomed for life and asked me to leave her caravan and not come back again for I’d bring misfortune for her too!”

Haruka: “Oh, you poor silly thing…!” *goes to Lancelot and hugs the older man tenderly* “Let’s go home and I’ll show you real magic that will heal your heart and body… And your luck as well!”

Feeling quite upset from being tricked by Haruka, Lancelot sulkily went to the bee hive… Perhaps having some fresh sweet honey on his rum will make him feel a little better…

… Unfortunately for him, though, the bees also felt like doing some mischief on him… Ouch! xp

Since I most probably will have to uninstall Supernatural EP these days - to recover a bit more of free space on my hard disk, I decided to open my Sims 3 game to get rid of some SN stuff and/or clothing that I used in my saves… And might as well took some new pictures of my fairy boy - Haruka, whom I won’t be able to see again after I uninstall the EP and his knight, Lancelot. (°∀°)b

So, Haruka was feeling a bit bored and mischievous… and so he decided to play a little harmless trick on Lancelot…

(I’m not so sure as to call such trick harmless, nor successful… Not if the trick victim sprays fire breath right at my face…! xp)

Follow the cow! 3:8)
… And you shall never get lost! xp

Sure, you can have your own Ushi in your game. 3:8)
Just download the cow head and clothes here.

Follow the cow! 3:8)

… And you shall never get lost! xp



Sure, you can have your own Ushi in your game. 3:8)

Just download the cow head and clothes here.

Just some more pictures of Mio, my little fox boy… ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

In some pictures, he looks quite OK… while in some others, um… well, not as good… ^^;

And he does really like to kiss me! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) … Ahem, I mean, kissing Pippichan Sim. xp He did it again on his own free will… Not that I complain, of course! (ෆ`꒳´ෆ) ˡºᵛᵉ❤⃛

Let Pippichan show you how to play - and win - water balloon fight! :@)

Yeah, those skillful and graceful dodging moves sure put The Matrix Keanu Reeves’ pale in comparison…! (°∀°)b

Playing water balloon with Ushi! 3:8)

Trying out giant teddy bear and giraffe easel… Cute!! I approve! (^__^)b

And yes, since Pippichan Sim and her fox boy live next to Ushi’s house, of course they got a chance to meet the rumored cool sexy cow themselves. xp

Ushi: “You know, I’ve got big nice sexy butt!” 3:8)

Pippichan: “Oh, WOW!” :@0

… Yeah, well, I guess Ushi felt some sort of rivalry against the giant teddy bear… xp

And I realize that quite many interactions I’m missing at the moment because Apartment Life isn’t installed… The playground stuff also comes with that EP… :@/

*sighs* It means I’d have to re-install AL too… That means another 1 GB would be used… Maybe I should uninstall Sims 3 Supernatural; that will release more than 2 GB… I don’t play much with that EP anyway… Though yeah, it’d mean that I’d lose my fairy boy… Oh, well, see how later… ^^

Neko Hajime… ฅ(⌯͒• ɪ •⌯͒)ฅnya~ン❣

Since I’m still in the mood for animal ears - and tails too - and making adorable (?) pets… (ෆ`꒳´ෆ) ˡºᵛᵉ❤⃛

Well, this (yet another) remake of Hajime came out quite OK, I guess… *tries to ignore the squarish jaw/chin… telling myself that I’d better not to try to edit him, or I’d just make him looking worse…*

If you notice, Amagiri is not wearing his usual clothes… It’s because his clothes somehow refuses to show up in my game… although it shows up in bodyshop. In game, his clothes only shows up in outerwear category. (I don’t know why; it seems that for this Sims 2 re-install, some of old CCs that I put back in fail to show up… :@/ ) And so, I gave Amagiri another similar clothes; and that’s why you’re seeing him wearing that black hakama.

And since the game animation is used for the pictures, instead of poses (I find that posing in Sims 2 is very tricky and frustrating!), the Sims’ facial expressions sometimes look quite goofy… But I guess in a way it’s still a bit better compared to the Sims 4 version… (Though I don’t know about Amagiri’s silly grin… ^^;)

As for their house… I need to build it myself because all Japanese houses that are available for download require EPs that I don’t have installed at the moment… If only it’s like Sims 3, then I could just go right ahead and install without having the complete required EPs, but in Sims 2 can’t do that! x_x; A few houses that I found with the right combination of EPs have quite a number of CCs, so I pass on them as well.

So, no other choice… Must build the house myself… And being a poor-skilled builder… Geez, what an ugly house I make! x_x It’s far from done yet… Not even finished with furnishing the walls, let alone decorating or landscaping… Dunno if I’ll ever finish it… orz Maybe I should look around more for houses… Who knows; nth time maybe the charm…

And I hope you don’t mind a little NSFW at the end… (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

# I approve that the cat ears, tail and collar are still intact with naked outfit! (°∀°)b

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