Collections of my Sims screenshots - hope you like them :@)

The idea of living with own parent or in-law isn’t so bad, actually - in Sims world, at least. Let the grandfather do the taking care of his adorable grandson and thus, it gives you time to play with your adorable spouse undisturbedly… xp

(Just remember not to do romantic interactions while still in group chat… Why? Because it’s rude to the third party; which is your in-law or own father! ^^;)

Remade my Sims 2 version of Souma (the cat) and Gyokuto (the bunny)…

I think I’m quite satisfied with how Souma looks like in game - in CAS he doesn’t look very nice, actually… I think this version of his is a bit better than the old version… As for Gyokuto… He looks quite OK in CAS, but in game, he looks not as nice, I’m afraid… (I think his old version was better!) ^^; It has always been like that for me when creating Sims in Sims 2… Wonder why…

And darn it! I forgot to change Gyokuto’s eyebrows…! And I probably should change his clothes as well… I mean, I like the sailor outfit, but such obvious neck line/gap always bothers me! x_x; I’ll see if I can somehow edit the pink neko hoodie; get rid of the neko tail attached to the hoodie outfit so that I can put it on Gyokuto… Well, see how… :@/

One of the cut scenes in Hometown Story for Nintendo 3DS. It’s one of Haruka’s cut scenes, to be exact. I recorded it simply because of the cute piggy! :@)

Dunno why tumblr can’t show the video thumbnail properly… But I’ve tested it in preview mode just now and the video is working just fine…  Ah, I see… It’s YouTube’s issue rather than tumblr’s… The thumbnail also doesn’t show on YouTube. :@/

Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I guess; it’s not like people are actually going to watch it anyway, so no need to bother re-uploading. It’s just for my own amusement - like any other stuff that I posted here - it’s enough that I like it and I know that the video is working despite of the non-existent thumbnail.

If you ever wonder whether Darth Vader has time to do some exercise amidst his busy universe domination schedules… Well, he does; in fact, his favorite working-out is running on treadmill…! xp

And you can see his sweats pouring down in second picture… Maybe he shouldn’t have worked out with full clothes and the mask on… ^^;

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… 

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