Collections of my Sims screenshots - hope you like them :@)

So… I’ve got Sims 4 Create A Sims Demo on my Origin account… And I thought I’d try make some clay-like haired ugly weird-looking Sims…

Had been downloading the stupid thing until 54% when it suddenly decided to revert back to 15%! >.<

Good grief! I remembered I ever experienced this back then when Showtime EP came out… But then it’s been quite a long while I could download just fine so I thought the thing has been fixed… Guess now this ANNOYING download issue comes back with the stupid Sims 4…

Anyway, I’ll still open the download while I watch my anime… If the thing wants to be downloaded, then good… If it wants to revert back again and again - meaning doesn’t want to be downloaded by me - then I couldn’t care less, either! XP

  1. claudiasharon said: When you get it, you must tell us how it is!
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